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David Kuhn

" They demolished the building a few years ago and there's a
shopping/eating mall there now."

And Barry, that mall isn't lasting as long as the capacitor MFG did - lol.

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Mallory Capacitor Company had a manufacturing facility here in Huntsville,
Alabama. I don't know the exact dates of operation, but it was an active
facility through the 1960s and probably well into or past the 1970s. The
building was on the main drag and I must've passed it thousands of times.
I always wondered what it looked like on the inside. The mother of one of
my friends who lived across the street from me when I was very young worked
there but I don't know what she did. They demolished the building a few
years ago and there's a shopping/eating mall there now.

Good times...

Barry - N4BUQ

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From time to time I see that someone is working to repair or restore an
instrument with the old multi capacitor metal can components and that
appears to be a never ending struggle.

The other night I reconnected with an old friend with whom I had not
in a couple of years.

He has always had an interest in restoring old audio equipment. As we
visited he mentioned a company that still builds Mallory style metal can
capacitors. My friend said they even use the old, original equipment.

I was very surprised and actually found that a little hard to believe,
but it
turns out to be true.

While I do not know about configurations, minimum quantities or pricing
appears this company makes those old style metal can multi-unit
capacitors. <>

I have no financial interest - or really - any other interest in this -
hoping it helps some of our group.



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