Re: Calibrating a PG506 w/o Sampling System

Miguel Work

I have just paid 500$ for a sampling system for my 7000 scope.
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Asunto: [TekScopes] Calibrating a PG506 w/o Sampling System

Hi all,

I'm restoring my PG506 Calibration Generator (s/n B046623) after the magic smoke squirted out of the side of a tantalum cap. A few tants, supply caps,shaft couple and a replacement digital display board later and she's back up and running. The calibration procedures ends with using a sampling head to adjust out any aberrations. Tek's sampling systems seem to skip right over the 5000 and TM500 series systems. I can;t see investing in any pre-5000 or 7000 units at this stage as I'm heavily vested in the 5's. My Rigol digital scope only goes down to 5ns/div and the calibration is in the 1ns/div range. Is there something I'm missing in the sampling world? Is there a more modern way to do this? Thanks, Rick

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