Re: Can capacitors

Roy Thistle

On Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 07:40 AM, Tom Phillips wrote:

There is a video series on the page at < >
which shows the can cap manufacturing process using the old Mallory equipment.
It is interesting. The materials handling and process quality control are, of
course, not up to modern standards and the resulting caps are not as reliable
as the original Mallory parts. However, they have been successful with their
niche market customers.
The OP cross posted this to the HP-x-x-equipment group.
If you watch the videos... it's all a lot dumber than it looks.
"However, they have been successful with their niche market customers." I agree with Tom's seems they have been... because there is obviously some money behind it. (Those videos aren't cheap to make... and actors cost money.)
But, I wonder how the people who buy this stuff find their way back home, at night... it must be on instinct... it sure isn't on clear thinking and good understanding.

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