Re: Peter Keller book payments PayPal won't release

Tam Hanna

Esteemed quorum,

OK, apparently everyone misunderstands me at the moment. Tried to sort a simple catering (chestnuts for visiting drone airline manager) issue with my wife, ended up in a 2h discussion about cooking, chestnut farming, "tuut" (arab chestnut like fruit) farming, more cooking, inert gases for storing tuut and chestnuts, "tuut" importing and finally her going off like a MiG21 on ROMB mode even though her dread levels are high (please no recommendations re wife management, she is kept in check). All she wanted to know was whether said Drone dude eats Chestnuts.

So, welcome to the club. And yes, it is me - the older I get, the more unclear I become.

To clarify.

_/*Tam acts as INTERMEDIARY and COMMIS. This means: Tilman is waiting for money from Schlomo/Dromo/Omo. Tam pays for the book until Schlomo*/__/*_/*/Dromo/Omo*/_ eventually coughs up.*/_

To the Austrian: I have no connection to the author, and I do not even buy such a book for my own. I could sell you, but could not fulfull such a book to you even if I wanted to. But greet Vienna from me, lived there for many years.

However, I tried to set Peter up with a different publisher. Maybe, I have news to report here soon, but I cannot say anything yet...

All clear now?


With best regards

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