Re: Tek 2236 and the CTM Board


Ah, I figured it out: by prying the right hand side of the extension away from the plunger, and then levering the left hand side with the blade of the spudger, and applying more force than I had thought safe, the extension lets go quite suddenly (and a bit distressingly). After you've done it a few times, however, you get used to the amount of force needed, and the proper angle to apply with the spudger. A diagram in the service manual would have been very helpful.

My apologies to Leo if that was what he was telling me to do. I misunderstood because of the use of the term "knob" rather than "button". I'm a terribly literal-minded sort, and it leads me astray all too often.

Next problem was removing the power supply cover, but that was merely a matter of find all the screws that held it in place (two recessed and one pan-head torx on the back, two pan-head torx on the bottom, one that holds the HV protective plastic cover in place, and one on the side), then wrestling it out of the case in close quarters (probably a lot easier if you've removed a the CTM board and the alternate sweep board). We will see if I'm able to get it back in place without first removing the CTM and alternate sweep boards (I kind of doubt it).

Finally it was a simple matter to remove the fan, peel off the hub sticker, and put some light oil on the end of the bearing shaft. We will see if that cures the loud fan noise, or if I have to order a new fan (a Matsushita PANAFLOW DC burshless, model FBP-06A12L, easily and inexpensively obtainable from at least one popular electronics retail site).

-- Jeff Dutky

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