165-2389-00 Hybrid Attenuator IC, TDS 400, New Old Stock

Ryan Scott

Greetings to the group, hope all of you are doing well, staying positive and testing negative!
I'm still going through the estate of a deceased collector of test equipment and recently came across a sealed bag from MAXTek dated Jun 2004 of these 165-2389-00 (H2389) hybrid ICs.  Google says they are used for the Tek TDS400 scopes.  But, no schematic to confirm that.  So, if you have one of these scopes, I have (what I believe to be) New old stock of these hybrid attenuator IC's.  The sealed package contains 20.  I'll keep 4 of them and offer the remaining 16 of them to the group at $35 USD (each) plus shipping costs.  Please email me at n7qj@arrl.net for pictures and additional details.  
Thanks and Regards, Ryan Scott

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