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I have used PayPal for purchasing something from an eBay seller using his
PayPal account (automatic, but when I see the statement from PayPal, it is
his e-mail that gets used). As for any purchase from eBay, PayPal deducted
the fee from the payment. More than once, I purchased something from the
same person using the same e-mail address, but it was a direct purchase and
not through eBay. It was also not an item listed on eBay; he sent me an
e-mail saying he had it and asked if I wanted it. I did, so I purchased it
and paid using PayPal F&F. They sent the full amount. I actually did this
again a couple of months later and again, it went using F&F with no fee
deducted. So, I purchased from the same person using the same PayPal
account on both my end and his both times. I think they would certainly not
have let it go through as an F&F if it had been for an eBay sale. I also
have reimbursed my brother when he had some expenses from taking care of
our mother - but that really is an F&F transaction and his e-mail address
has his name in it. No problems there, either. But the recent experience
with replacing F&F or adding an extra step to it with "I do not accept/need
insurance for this transaction" and the "do you trust this recipient?" is
new (at least to me).

Steve H.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 3:10 PM Vince Vielhaber <> wrote:

It's not Dennis' fault. Plenty of people have paid with F&F with no
issues. PayPal will stop your ability to pay F&F if 1) you've abused it
and/or 2) you've had bounced transactions (bought something and the bank
said NSF or had some other reason to decline it.

If you accept F&F and then use PP to send something to that person, PP
will change it from F&F to product purchased and take the fee.

Vince - K8ZW.

On 12/02/2020 03:03 PM, Eric wrote:
If there is an underlying issue with Dennis's pay pal reputation as this
seems to be an ongoing issue and it is just a few button clicks to make
badly written software happy If there is enough transactions to build the
reputation this would no longer be in issue in the future. I would be more
then happy to buy a string of $0.50 or $1.00 random Tek vaper ware from
Dennis and just say I received the parts I am guessing about 50 ish
transactions should make the pay pal software happy that Dennis is not a
scammer and we would be able to proceed as normal.

Thoughts on this?

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I have written you personally, but I may as well tell the group why
there is a problem publicly.

Paypal accounts that are using a credit card to make payments cannot do
friends and family, without incurring a cash advance charge from their CC
company, and starting the interest rolling on the balance on their card....
even if they pay the full bill every month.

So, to sent cash using paypal, we have to use the purchase goods and
services method. That allows for an ordinary charge on our credit cards.

To make this work, though, he has to lie to paypal and say that he has
shipped the book. Then we can lie to paypal and say that we have received
the book.


If Dennis doesn't tell paypal he has shipped the book, he will have to
wait 30 days before paypal will release the funds.

If Dennis does tell paypal he has shipped the book, then we can click on
the Received button, and his funds will be released immediately. (Well,
unless he has other problems with paypal, like a history of not sending
stuff, or a lot of returns...)

-Chuck Harris

Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
The following people have sent payment for Peter Keller's book but
PayPal is holding the funds and will not release them to me so I can
pay Peter Keller for your book(s).
BL, $35.63, ON HOLD Nov 22
SJ, $68.53, ON HOLD Nov 22
BG, $38.54, ON HOLD Nov 23
CH, $73.93, ON HOLD Nov 23
DG, $68.53, ON HOLD Nov 23
DG, $6.20, ON HOLD Nov 24
LS, $35.63, ON HOLD Nov 26

PayPal describes these transactions as "Pending". It explains that
"This payment is in your on hold balance. Update your shipping info or
order status to get your money sooner."

If each of you will give me permission to tell PayPal one of the
1) I shipped, or I am planning to ship, Peter Keller's book to you;
2) Your payment was for a service or virtual product which doesn't
need to ship.

Then I think PayPal will release your payment.

Dennis Tillman W7pF


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