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In the mechanical of the 177 service manual I have it is part # 70 it is under the extension shaft it sits between the switch and the shaft that goes to the current per div knob. Apparently collector voltage is on this switch so that is why the need for the insulated coupler.


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Does anyone have or know how to duplication a 376-0144-00 This is a
mechanical shaft coupler used in the 177 fixture. It needs to be
insulated up to 1600 Vdc from the collector supply. This is one of the
last pieces I need to get a 577 up and running again. I currently do
not have a 3d printer so this is not an option for me at the moment.

I went to my 177 (JAN/1983) Fixture Mechanical parts manual and I do not see a part listed by that number. Is that extension a part of the switch? Are you sure about that Part #? I see "384-1305-00 EXTENSION SHAFT: 0.494" x 1.2" LONG. W/SHLDR". Perhaps I am overlooking this in the list?

Do you have a dimensional drawing, 3D model, STL File, etc.? One would need to make sure that the 3D printing materials used had the Dielectric strength to insulate 1600V. I can print it if we can determine that the materials that I use have the proper insulation properties.

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