I give up.


Sorry Dennis but I'm going to have to cancel my order for two copies of Peter's CRT book. I'm a LONG time Pay-Pal user but due to a combination of reasons; you, PayPal, and my credit union have made it impossible to pay for the books in the manner that you require. I frequently use PayPal to pay for purchases on E-bay, Amazon and other sites but those purchases are classified as Purchases and paid for through my credit card. It's not that I don't trust you but PayPal and my credit card will not allow me to make a payment to Friends or Family without the credit card company treating that as a cash advance and charging me a $30 fee! I tried to link my bank account to PayPal and transfer the money for the books from my bank account to PayPal and then to you but PayPal won't just accept my banking information. They require that I sign into my bank account via PayPal's website however PayPal and/or my credit union never complete that link so I am unable to transfer the money to PayPal and subsequently to you.

I appreciate your effort to make these books available but if the only payment method is via PayPal's Friends and Family, then I simply can't meet that condition. If you decide to accept money orders or even <gasp!> cash, let me know.

Joe Rigdon,

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