Re: 151-0367-00 and 151-0402-00 transistors

Greg Muir

If you search through the Tektronix Common Design Parts catalog dated October 1982
you will find that these two parts have many part number gyrations. The -0367 is crossed over to a AST3571 which appears to be a custom 2N3571. Later in the catalog the part number SKA6516 appears. Also later on in the catalog you will see the
-0367 being selected and placed under a different Tek part numbers probably for use in other instruments.

The -0402 is used in the 7D15 and SG503 plus other units. The catalog crosses it over to a standard 2N3571 but later crosses it over to the AST3571 and then a SKA6814.

Confusing indeed. I’m assuming that the part number migration was probably due to ongoing revisions to the catalog.


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