Re: EZ Test for 4041

Monty McGraw


I have shipped all three of your DC100 tapes back to you - all working now, with a couple of new plastiband drive belts.

The 4.25" plastibands don't last long if you are actively writing files to tape - they stretch slightly and then you get tape errors.

Just booting the System Verification tape to change the console to COMM0: - the belt lasts longer.

I also created and posted on my github site a 4041 BASIC program that creates an entire SYSVER tape - but it needs 512KB of 4041 memory to hold the all the tape files in DATA statements. It should be easy to divide the program into several smaller ones for those that don't have 512KB of memory. I load the program into memory from my PC through 4041 COMM0: at 9600 baud.

Your first post in this thread indicated you had a EZ-TEST software tape that is not reliable anymore. I would love to try to recover those files - and put them on a NOS tape for you.


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