Re: (OT) Where to go for 70s IBM hardware? I'm looking for a terminal.

Roy Thistle

On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 01:26 AM, Martin wrote:

electro-mechanical computer, I inherited some modules I wonder if anybody can
shed some light on them.
It's reading 204
That's a Cannon D Submini connector
Looks to me that you have 3 synchros (selsyns) and a resolver... along with a motor
And 2 Bridge circuits
You've got some cams that active some microswitches, and gear trains.
The outputs appear to be on the linear pots.
It seems like a state machine to me... it executes a mechanical program... and also sends data. (position?... and feedback)
Potentially it seems like you've got 3 dependent degrees of control, with feedback.

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