Re: Tektronix 7D13 and 7A42 wanted

Dave Daniel

I've just started to remove the battery from my 7A42.

I see the usual exploded parts diagram in the manual, but I don't see instructions anywhere for removing the PWBs. It looks as if one has to completely remove the rear panel (-124 in the exploded view) in order to pull the A8 board out. Is this the case, or am I missing something? Any pointers would be appreciated.



On 11/18/2020 11:58 PM, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
Hi Ed and Dan,
I'll toss the battery and remove the jumper in mine also.

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Hi Dennis,

I didn't realize earlier your question "What did you use for a battery?" was to me. There is no battery. For something like this, it's simple enough to set up as needed, for occasional use. Having it remember is a nice convenience, but not worth the trouble and leakage risk. All I did was check it out after enough burn-in, and I removed the BE jumper as Dan suggested. It's running right now for one last time before mothballing.


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