Re: (OT) Where to go for 70s IBM hardware? I'm looking for a terminal.


To me, they look like modules from an air data computer. Before the digital
ones, they had modules like this. There were modules that had a
bellows-type assembly for the airspeed (pitot tube) input as well as the
servos and resolvers to compute values for the cockpit gauges. Do an image
search for “F4 Air data computer”. The MOD could either be “modifications”
or “Ministry of Defense”. I suspect “modifications” as the tags often look
like the one on that module cover.

Better yet, go to Glenn’s Computer Museum ( and click on
the “Old Military” section (note: lots of photos - takes a while to open).

There’s an amazing amount of stuff in his museum besides computing stuff.

He’s another potential source for older IBM equipment. He might be open to
swapping stuff as well.

Steve H.

and look at the “Old Military

On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 04:26 Martin <> wrote:

Interesting... talking about electro-mechanical computer, I inherited some
modules I wonder if anybody can shed some light on them.

See the pictures (
Lots of resolvers and syncros inside. Looks very much aeronautic... maybe
something european, Tornado?


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