Re: Horizontal Display switch shenanigans.

Dave Peterson

Ooo. Thanks for that! Not only does that make for a viable solution, I've been wondering about a suggestion from an EEVBlog thread in which someone replaced soldered wire connections with connectors. These would work for that too perhaps. The bigger lead here is thinking about going Mouser for such construction solutions. I'm learning.

Thanks for the tip!Dave

On Friday, November 27, 2020, 11:00:39 PM PST, adesilva_1999 via <> wrote:

Hi Dave,
Check this:

You can get something like this and break off just one pin and solder in place. Depending on the diameter of the pin on the switch, It might mate with the open end. If you need to test it out, I can send a couple of the to you.

One other method is to wrap around a similar diameter copper wire (single strand) and solder it close to the bottom of the switch leg. and slightly bend it to go in the PCB hole. I will PM you if you want to talk.


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