Re: There is no good time to be SICK


Hey Denis,

Happy Turkey day and my best to Marian, I hope she gets her surgery soon.
My daughter's skating coach has had both hips replaced and she's back on
the ice at 75 years young. She tells us it's like reversing a couple of

BTW: I love Goldens, they just always seem to have this air of
happiness and joy around them. IMHO they're second best to the Icelandic
Sheepdog - here's our Fálki helping out with a champagne afternoon social
on our front porch: (my wife's
workaround for COVID social distancing restrictions).

Stay safe, and thanks for arranging the CRT book thang,
hope you don't end up regretting it,

On Fri, Nov 27, 2020 at 3:51 PM Dennis Tillman W7pF <>

My apologies. I sure my absence the past 4 days has caused some concern. I
have been sick.
Tuesday morning I was in bed with what I guess was a stomach flu. The next
two days alternated between bed rest and emergency visits to the bathroom.

My worst fears (COVID) were unfounded and by Thursday afternoon I was
definitely feeling well enough to taste some of the Thanksgiving dinner my
wife made for the two of us yesterday. Thanksgiving is a national holiday
the US and some other countries. It began as a day of giving thanks and
sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. This
year it has taken on much greater significance because the virus has
prevented us from celebrating it with friends and family.
I don't know if it was because I hadn't eaten anything in several days or
because she is a wonderful cook but that was the best tasting food I can
ever remember eating.

PayPal has once again been an enormous source of frustration for ME. That
frustration got the better of me by Monday and I know it was apparent in
some of my comments which I regret. But it appears YOU have found ways to
work through the PayPal issues I was struggling with and I appreciate that.
Marian reports that almost $3,300 has come into our PayPal account for
Peter's book. That is a very good indication that almost everyone has paid.

My mail box is flooded with over 400 new emails right now. It will be
necessary for me to triage them. Please be patient. I allowed plenty of
for all of the payments to arrive. Priority will be given to matching the
payments for Peter's book to the orders I have. I will be very busy in the
next few days as I do all of this.

I hope you are all taking precautions to stay safe from the virus. We are
our family. The virus has exploded in the US over the past few weeks.
Hospitals are at near capacity. Hospital staff are exhausted from dealing
with the virus for the past 7 months. I can only watch in horror as people
are packing into airports to travel during the holiday season and packing
into stores to buy gifts.

Part of my time I have to help Marian with our five Golden Retrievers now
that she can barely walk them. She is waiting for elective surgery to
replace her hip. Those surgeries are being postponed by hospitals so they
can deal with COVID cases. She is in constant pain when she stands.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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