Re: (OT) Where to go for 70s IBM hardware? I'm looking for a terminal.

Matt Patoray

The museum also has a non Facebook web page,
Once Covid is a bit more under control, the museum will be resuming in person tours.
Chief Technician LSSM

On Nov 26, 2020, at 9:00 PM, stevenhorii <> wrote:

´╗┐Has anyone mentioned these folks?

Large Scale Systems Museum

They are located near Pittsburgh. I visited them a couple of years ago and
they have an amazing amount of stuff, most of which is running. Once we get
past the COVID-19 pandemic, they will likely come out (with at least a
pickup truck) and pick up a few things I have to donate. I've got an EAI
TR-20 analog computer, a couple of ROLM RuggedNOVA computers (with the
front panels), a very early Sun workstation box (long before the Pizza Box
versions - this one uses a Motorola 68000-series CPU), and a couple of
mechanical computers (an early Air Force F-111 navigational computer and
some US Navy thing - both have a large number of gears and synchros in
them; the Navy one I think also has one or two mechanical integrators). The
Large Scale Systems Museum has a lot of IBM hardware and they have it
operational. Also early DEC large computers. They may have some IBM
terminals in excess of their needs or be able to provide some
documentation. I think they had the carts full of IBM schematics that used
to live in the machine rooms with the computers for use by the service
folks. Worth a visit if you are ever near Pittsburgh. If you grew up with
this stuff as I did, it can induce some major nostalgia.

May be worth sending them an e-mail message.

Steve Horii

On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 10:42 AM cheater cheater <>

Hi all,
sorry for the offtopic message, not sure where to go with this one, so I
thought the smart heads around here might be connected somewhere. I'm
looking to get a 70s IBM terminal, either for a System/3, /6, /32, /38 (or
contemporary), 3600 FCS, a Display Station (or terminal) for the IBM 32xx,
37xx, 49xx, 52xx, 65xx, or 74xx, or an IBM 5100/5110/5120 portable
computer. I'm interested to see how they were built and would like to see
how it is to use them. If you know any good places to go other than the
website which should not be named, especially any forums that could have
enthusiasts of the same hardware, or if you know someone willing to part
with one such machine, let me know please.


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