Re: worst condition Tektronix scope?


Raymond Domp Frank wrote:

The 466 is eminently suited to doing exactly what you're suggesting, much more so than even a 464.
With a 466 it's quite possible e.g. to store and then observe an edge with a rise time of 3.5 ns (the
fastest for the 100 MHz BW), either in Variable Persistence (repeating at say 1 Hz) or Fast Storage
(single shot) mode. Compare that with trying to view it on a 'scope like the 465, or for that matter,
a 475. Unless the signal has a repetition rate of at least 10 to 100 kHz, it'll be completely invisible!
That's fascinating. I might need to add the 466 to my wish list as well.

The computers that my father worked with in the late 70s had memory cycle times of 330 ns - 990 ns, so I expect that he could sustain a repetitive signal on target hardware at better than 200 kHz, so the 475 would have been able to show the signals of interest pretty easily.

Before I fell down this rabbit hole of fixing old scopes (started because the 475 malfunctioned) I was trying to use the 475 to decipher the control interface for a laptop plasma display panel. I was having some luck, but my fluency with the scope was terrible, and it was obvious that I was limited by my ignorance of how to use the delayed time base. When I've got the 475A working again I will be going back to the plasma display, and I hope that I have now learned enough about how to use the delayed time base to make better progress.

I know that this would be child's play if I just had a modern DSO, but that's not what I trying to do with this hobby, at least not right now. The 475 (and the 2200 series scopes) are exactly the right vintage to have been used with the hardware that I'm trying to investigate, and part of the fun is doing things the way that they would have been done at the time.

Of course it sounds like a 466 would make things a lot easier, while still being the proper vintage (the 468 is just slightly too new for my biases).

I have enough insight into my condition to understand that this is how one winds up with a basement full of scopes.

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