Re: Why you now Paypal


I get the Captcha nearly every time, and sometimes the spot-the-traffic-light game as well. They also keep enabling fast login on my iPad or computer when I don't want it, and there is no apparent way to stop that, although you can turn it off again when notified. And I can always eventually find the Send to Friend option.

I wouldn't be without it, but:

- the fees are too high considering they are holding the float and paying no interest to me.
- the UI keeps changing, and there are some things that are only accessible from the home screen, like items pending shipping for example (or else I've never found them).
- the statements are rudimentary, and when they changed from the old to the new statement format they didn't balance at the changeover point. From memory this was due to different timezones for one as against the other.
- I had a major argument with them a few years ago when their invoice form was charging GST on the undiscounted amount, meaning I was paying GST on my own discount. The call centre guy just argued black and blue until I said I wouldn't discuss it further with anyone who wasn't a qualified accountant. Eventually they put in what I wanted as an option, when the other option is never correct.
- from the programming perpsective the API is enormous and unwieldy, unless you use IPN, which is tiny and unwieldy ;-); and both are poorly documented.


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