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For improved PayPal security, I added the “two-factor authentication” for
PayPal since my primary payment method is a deduction from my bank checking
account. I do this for all my online banking transactions, my work and
personal e-mail (both if I am logging in from devices the mail servers do
not know are usually associated with my user name and password), and
two-factor identification running over a VPN is required for remote work
access (healthcare).

Steve H

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 12:09 Frank DuVal via <corvairduval=> wrote:

Weird. I NEVER have a Captcha / Not A Robot screen or button when using

I do not save my password. Have to enter it every time, my choice. Works
for me.

I do not understand the "how far along in the buying process you are"
comment. All the screens on PayPal seem logical to me. And there are not
many when sending money, either on their website only or through a
vendor link to send funds.

So far it works well for me! Both as buyer and sending money to friends.
Even for Tek supplies, to keep it on subject.😉

Frank DuVal

On 11/26/2020 1:01 AM, Jeff Dutky wrote:
I don't have particular issues, other than complaints about this
particular process (not being offered the options that would have made
this process easy), and about the quality of their buyer interface
(every time I have tried to log into their web interface I have had to
do the "I'm not a robot" dance, and every time the site has responded
with "something went wrong on our end" throwing me back to the "I'm
not a robot" screen, so that I get to do the dance again, and maybe a
third time. That's shoddy UX on PayPal's part, and I haven't got any
patience for that sort of thing. Also there's no indication of how far
along in the buying process you are, so you just have to keep clicking
Continue until suddenly the process is over. That's also shoddy UX).
My only other complaints about PayPal are mere hearsay, but I've heard
too many stories of sellers having their funds frozen over the years
to think that maybe there isn't at least a little bit of fire behind
that smoke.
That said, I understand why people want to use PayPal: they fill a niche
that, even today, has very few players. If you want to accept payment over
the web you just don't have many choices, and the established choices
(credit card merchant accounts) are not well suited to small players. When
PayPal got started they were basically the only game in town for people who
couldn't afford to set up a merchant account, and that benefit can not be
overestimated. Still, I'm a grumpy sort, and this is one of the things I'm
grumpy about.

-- Jeff Dutky

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