Re: Fix or Part Out a Tek 475A


Hi Jeff,
Shafts straightened with large pliers; they were only a little bent. Am considering grey PVC pipe as a knob replacement: the metal centres are still present so i just need to find a suitable diameter to fit over them.
For the 545B i have collected an assortment of eBay high voltage arc generators and LOPT's with which to experiment and replace the existing potted TX. The former have isolated secondaries, making them ideal. A theoretically possible option is some kind of large MW or LW coil that might fit over the ferrite core as a replacement secondary. I already tried driving the 6AU5 grid separately but this still takes more power than it should -and it is not difficult to have the 6AU5 anode glowing red. One could use an EL34 etc instead, assuming the unregulated 325V line has the spare capacity. Disaffected TEK EHT transformers need to operate at a lower frequency: from around 50 down to 45KHz or less. I wonder how they might manage with a 15KHz sawtooth via an EL34?

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