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Dave Peterson

Ah, big heavy sigh. The human condition is just too limited: between turkey prep and having some lunch, the number of thoughts and threads gone through my head on this conversation is just too vast to begin to convey. I've apparently already hijacked this thread too far into the weeds as it is.
I'll just share: the taxonomy of Tektronix test equipment is so large that I just reflexively focus on what's in front of me. And know that there's an ocean out there waiting for me to wade into should I care to. I was startled to see the picture of the 475 - that it was like a 465 with a different digit in the logo. There's a whole other conversation I'd enjoy getting into regarding product development and history surrounding these scopes. I never knew the two were so closely related. So thanks to this thread there's a whole other bay into which I might sail this boat that I've just boarded. Sailing is an apt analogy. Patience Dave.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. What a pleasant set of days it's been of late - joining in with you guys. Thank you everyone.Dave

On Thursday, November 26, 2020, 12:52:26 PM PST, Jeff Dutky <> wrote:


There are a wide range of scopes in the 400 series. The 465 and 475 share a common design and have many parts in common. The main difference between them is about 100 MHz in bandwidth :-P

Here is the TekWIki page on the 400-series scopes

Here is a quick summary of some of the models in the 400 series:

The 454 is a 150 MHz dual time base analog scope (fastest GP scope to NOT use proprietary hybrid ICs)
The 455 is a 50 MHz dual time base scope with a non-rectangular front profile
The 465 is a 100 MHz dual time base scope
The 465M is basically the same scope as the 465, but in the cabinet of a 455 (commercial version of the AN/USM 425)
The 466 is a 100 MHz dual time base scope with analog storage feature, otherwise similar, if not identical to the 465
The 468 is a 100 MHz analog scope with a 10 MHz digitizing feature, DMM, and an ALT rather than MIX horizontal display mode
The 475 is a 200 MHz dual time base scope, basically a faster, but otherwise identical version of the 465
The 485 is a 350 MHz dual time base scope with ALT horizontal display mode and a different front panel arrangement

There are some model numbers below the 454 but they are all lower bandwidth and I don't bother to think about them.

I should put the 468 on my wish list, and maybe the 454 as well, but that way lies madness.

-- Jeff Dutky

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