Re: worst condition Tektronix scope?

Paul Amaranth

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 12:52:21PM -0800, Jeff Dutky wrote:
I should put the 468 on my wish list, and maybe the 454 as well, but that way lies madness.

-- Jeff Dutky
Well, if you want to enjoy the madness, I have a pair of 468s to get rid of. One was
working pretty much but is showing signs of bad filter caps and the other is a parts scope.

Shipping is the real killer, of course.

You may want to look for a 454A; it has a larger screen. I completely went through a 454
and use that one a lot. I have a 454A in the queue for one of these days; picked that one
up off of craigslist as nonworking for $35. If you look hard you can find those for $30-50.

Then of course you can move up to the 2400 series :-)

And the 7000 series

And you'll need a curve tracer by this point

And ...


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