Re: worst condition Tektronix scope?



There are a wide range of scopes in the 400 series. The 465 and 475 share a common design and have many parts in common. The main difference between them is about 100 MHz in bandwidth :-P

Here is the TekWIki page on the 400-series scopes

Here is a quick summary of some of the models in the 400 series:

The 454 is a 150 MHz dual time base analog scope (fastest GP scope to NOT use proprietary hybrid ICs)
The 455 is a 50 MHz dual time base scope with a non-rectangular front profile
The 465 is a 100 MHz dual time base scope
The 465M is basically the same scope as the 465, but in the cabinet of a 455 (commercial version of the AN/USM 425)
The 466 is a 100 MHz dual time base scope with analog storage feature, otherwise similar, if not identical to the 465
The 468 is a 100 MHz analog scope with a 10 MHz digitizing feature, DMM, and an ALT rather than MIX horizontal display mode
The 475 is a 200 MHz dual time base scope, basically a faster, but otherwise identical version of the 465
The 485 is a 350 MHz dual time base scope with ALT horizontal display mode and a different front panel arrangement

There are some model numbers below the 454 but they are all lower bandwidth and I don't bother to think about them.

I should put the 468 on my wish list, and maybe the 454 as well, but that way lies madness.

-- Jeff Dutky

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