Re: worst condition Tektronix scope?

Dave Peterson

I had no idea: I thought the 475 was the one with the vertical input to the right of the screen. I had to go and check myself - have I been calling my scopes 465 by mistake!? No, they really do look identical - the 465 and 475. What's the difference between 465 and 475? Is the 465B and the 475A the same too? Is the difference bandwidth? Doesn't seem that it'd be release date as the 465B seems more advanced than the 465. I seem to recall we preferred the "B" and thought it was the newer more advanced model.
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On Thursday, November 26, 2020, 11:16:48 AM PST, Jeff Dutky <> wrote:

Here is a parts scope I got from eBay

Most of the knobs are smashed, it's been spattered in something gray that won't come off with soap or IPA, but when I powered it up it appears to be in almost perfect working condition (I say "almost" because I didn't really try to test it in any complete way, just fed the cal signal into both channels, twiddled what knobs could be twiddled, and tried the different button positions. Everything I tried seemed to be working perfectly).

I'd like to turn this from a parts scope into a second bench scope, but I'll need to completely replace the front panel and knobs, unless I can find a way to clean them up. Whatever is spattered all over it won't wash off with either detergent and water or IPA, and I haven't tried any stronger solvents or vigorous brushing. Any advice on how to clean the front panel and remaining knobs, techniques or safe solvents, would be appreciated.

-- Jeff Dutky

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