Re: worst condition Tektronix scope?


Here is a parts scope I got from eBay

Most of the knobs are smashed, it's been spattered in something gray that won't come off with soap or IPA, but when I powered it up it appears to be in almost perfect working condition (I say "almost" because I didn't really try to test it in any complete way, just fed the cal signal into both channels, twiddled what knobs could be twiddled, and tried the different button positions. Everything I tried seemed to be working perfectly).

I'd like to turn this from a parts scope into a second bench scope, but I'll need to completely replace the front panel and knobs, unless I can find a way to clean them up. Whatever is spattered all over it won't wash off with either detergent and water or IPA, and I haven't tried any stronger solvents or vigorous brushing. Any advice on how to clean the front panel and remaining knobs, techniques or safe solvents, would be appreciated.

-- Jeff Dutky

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