Tek 2xxx and 3xxx 56x series plugins available

Jim Reese

Hello to all,

I should have many 3A1/3A6 and other 56x series plugins in my stock.  The problem is they are on the other side of Ohio at my other house.
Let me know what you want and I can look for them in a few weeks. Figure $20-$40 range plus shipping for most.  They will be complete (and most were tested/working years ago), but as-is now.

I also have many letter and 1xx series plugins.

You can email me direct at: jreese7010@aol.com

or phone: 740-947-7103



Jim Reese
Waverly, OH

On Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 12:05:25 PM EST, Brenda via groups.io <brendda75=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:

Hello Dave, The 3A1 plugins that I have come across ends up not only the 6DJ8 tubes missing, there are 2 8233 tubes that end up missing as well.  There are 4 7586 nuvistor tubes in the front end, but seems like the tube pickers pass over these from my experience. I am in the market for a few 3A1 and 3A6 plugins myself...at a reasonable price, $400 is just way too much!!

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