Re: Tektronix 492A input attenuator repair ????

Tom Lee

If it does turn out to be a blown attenuator, perhaps the best option is to use an HP attenuator instead (they are much more available). A small bit of logic is needed to remap control signals and space is tight, but it can be done. I've fixed two this way after giving up any hope of fixing the original attenuator. Essentially 100% of 492 attenuators found on eBay are blown (keywords are "untested", "as-is" and "from working unit").

There is an extensive set of instructions online for the mod. I don't have a link handy, but a minute of googling should lead you to it.

Good luck!


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On Nov 25, 2020, at 14:31, "Bob Koller" <> wrote:

Unfortunately, there are no parts, except from another Tek attenuator. Is it blown, or are the contacts "dirty"? These were often damaged by DC or excessive input power. If it is damaged, you need to check the first mixer for damage as well. You may be able to find a good attenuator on eBay, perhaps elsewhere, but these can be difficult to find in good condition.
It is possible to disassemble these and make one good unit out of two. The thin film resistive elements can also be inspected. Usually the damage is readily apparent under magnification.
It would be possible to fit a different attenuator, with the correct steps, and frequency range, altering the drive signals as required.
Be sure to take anti static precautions around the mixer.

Good Luck,

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