Re: 2710 Spectrum Analyser 'Cannot count VCO, IF' error

Jaap Rusticus

Hello Martin,
Sorry for the late responce. I have an open 2712 here which had repairs and now need adjustments. I checked the signals you asked for:
J195 - signal comes from the Reference Board and was as it should be a stable in amplitude 100MHz signal about 300mV peak-peak, which is about calculated -7dBm.
J190 - 10MHz signal, more or less square wave 450mV peak-peak, which is about 0dBm calculated (including harmonics).
J180 - I measured while "in LOCK" state (in the 2712 lower than in 50kHz/div spans) a constant 800mV peak-peak 16MHz - while not "in LOCK" state there were signal bursts while changing the span/div.
I hope this helps you a bit further. I will have this and other of this family analyzers open for a while to come, so it will be easy for me to do measurements.

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