OT - PCMCIA anyone?

Vince Vielhaber

I know some of you guys deal with older computers and PCMCIA cards so I figured I'd offer it up here first.

I have an ISA bus PC Card adapter (card that goes into the ISA bus and you can plug a PC Card card into it). I don't know if it'll take one card or two, it's new and sealed. Made by or for Lucent/Orinoco.

Second item is a Lucent/Orinoco PC Card wireless network adapter 11Mbps. Also new and sealed.

I have no use for either and before I bit bucket or recycle it, I figured I would offer it up here for the cost of shipping. CONUS only.

You can email me direct at either:

vev at michvhf dot com OR vev at cdupe dot com

Vince - K8ZW.
K8ZW http://www.metalworkingfun.com http://www.hamradio.fun

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