Re: Tek 3A1 Module - Tubes

Jeff Kruth

IIRC, the  3A1 uses a pair of 8233 tubes (look like oversize 12AT7 or similar, but not compactron) which, for some reason, are prized by audio-phools. So they go away.

RegardsJeff Kruth  In a message dated 11/25/2020 10:08:27 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes: Yeah, as Brenda said....

The manuals detail what vacuum tubes are in the plugins.    I'd pay close
attention to any photos as I've gotten burnt once or twice by not paying
attention to them.  I would presume if there's no photos, and no statement
one way or the other, that the tubes are missing.

If you start getting into the advanced (sampling) plugins, I would pay
closer attention to the photos for the presence of the transistors, as most
of them are socketed, long obsolete, and made from 99.95% pure unobtanium.

A few plugins (ex: 3B3) use tunnel diodes, but as far as I've seen, they're
generally soldered to the board.  Tunnel diodes are also mostly made of
unobtanium, and may be dead, but at least they'll likely still be there...

Again, the various plugin manuals all have a relatively complete parts list
in the back, if you wonder what should be in a given plugin.


On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 12:05 PM Brenda via <brendda75=> wrote:

Hello Dave, The 3A1 plugins that I have come across ends up not only the
6DJ8 tubes missing, there are 2 8233 tubes that end up missing as well.
There are 4 7586 nuvistor tubes in the front end, but seems like the tube
pickers pass over these from my experience. I am in the market for a few
3A1 and 3A6 plugins a reasonable price, $400 is just way too

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