Re: 2710 Spectrum Analyser 'Cannot count VCO, IF' error

Jokken Feldhaar

Hi all,

I acquired a 2710 as non-functional, and the 100 MHz Osc had failed. I
put in something cobbled together, and enjoy it working fine.

Cheers, Jochen DH6FAZ

Am 25.11.2020 um 01:13 schrieb WB6GHK:

Hi guys, 2710's, oh what fun!

For the "Cannot count VCO, IF" I have found that the majority of the time the 100 MHz timebase module has failed or degraded. The absolute quickest way to determine if it has failed is to sub in a know good working one. It will save you hours of troubleshooting. Find a friend with a later B02xxxx 2710 and beg, steal or borrow the timebase.

Martin, I'm going to assume you have a 2710 service if you troubleshot the power supply, so locate the corresponding pages for the 100MHz timebase and look at the signals coming from the four outputs (I think it's four, going by memory). Scope them to see what is there advise.

I hate to tell you this but B013xxx and below 2710's using the CFCS are not reliable (memory & PS) or accurate (drift), in comparison to later units. Not saying that it isn't worth the time since there is a learning curve and the early 2710 will certainly give you that experience, but the once the unit is operational you may be disappointed.

Best of luck!

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