Re: LCDs and Audio items added to the Sphere Stuff Season Page.


Face it, some folks would complain if they were hung
with a new rope !!

Never noticed the "offending" part, but I have a macabre
sense of humor. I thought "Breaking Bad" was more of a

73, Dick, W1KSZ
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Subject: Re: [TekScopes] LCDs and Audio items added to the Sphere Stuff Season Page.

Sorry to all that were offended by the "famous" line in the stuff season
animation. the scrolling display was done by my son while he was
experimenting with some effects for his photo studio site. I asked him
to make one for me, but clearly I misjudged the significance of that
line. I guess to him at least, the event is famous, but I see it has had
unintended consequences, so I just took it down. I just thought it was
funny, clearly opinions differ..

you can now see the page without the hideously offending line here:
loads a lot faster without the animation anyway.

all the best,

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