Re: LCDs and Audio items added to the Sphere Stuff Season Page.

Jim Ford

Yeah, I love those "Famous" cookies and "Famous" hamburgers!  If you have to tell me you're famous, you're not, by definition.Jim Ford Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

-------- Original message --------From: Dennis Tillman W7pF <> Date: 11/22/20 2:20 PM (GMT-08:00) To: Subject: Re: [TekScopes] LCDs and Audio items added to the Sphere Stuff Season Page. Hi Walter, The "Star Wars" effect is nice but I took issue with your "World Famous" claim. I have often told anyone who would listen that I am "World Famous" and when they are about to challenge my claim I quickly add "but only in Bellevue". That seems to be more acceptable.I mention you and your remarkable enterprise to every stranger I meet in elevators (this seems to happen numerous times ever since I began riding the elevators at the Colombia Tower in Seattle for hours on end for some unexplained reason). When the doors close I ask them "Are you familiar with the amazing bargains you can find at the World Famous Sphere Research"? I am almost always met with a puzzled look until I add "of Canada, TekScopes, and the Internet". At that moment their face fills with enlightenment and their body becomes light enough to lift slightly off the floor of the elevator if it is going down.Based on an unbiased evaluation of my "impromptu "Man in the Elevator interviews" I believe your claim of "World Fame" needs a qualifier. Is there room to revise your Sphere Wars crawler to say something like this: "A long time ago in a house far, far, away known throughout the internet as the World Famous (in Canada and on TekScopes) Sphere Research there were so many amazing things in need of a new home that Walter created Stuff Day to get rid of them all so he could finally get into his Sauna...". You can fill in the rest.It also wouldn't hurt if you applied for Historical or Landmark Status, or at least apply to the government to erect a "Roadside Attraction" sign outside your house along with a small bench people can sit on while they read the sign, and maybe have a few parking spots set aside for the inevitable tourist busses that are soon to follow.Susan could make a little extra money on the side by giving tours (for a small donation of course) and you could put out a little table with some of your lovely photomultiplier tubes  people can buy to decorate their Christmas tree with.I'm going to take my medication now. Dennis -----Original Message-----From: [] On Behalf Of walter shawleeSent: Sunday, November 22, 2020 1:03 PMTo: TekScopes@groups.ioSubject: [TekScopes] LCDs and Audio items added to the Sphere Stuff Season Page.Further to some very reasonable requests, we have added new (and cheap) color LCD displays and other interesting bits to the R+D Magic section, as well as a new category for Audio parts and equipment to the Stuff Season page., all the normal Tek, HP and Fluke items you may find interesting.please drop by and snorkel around, and don't for get the knife+ tool bowl at the top,, and the free stuff section at the bottom. It's not quite as good as being here in person for stuff day, but it's as close as I can get it right now.all the best,walter (walter2 -at- research corp. Dennis Tillman W7pFTekScopes Moderator

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