5441 trials & tribulations

Tim Phillips

From Tim P (UK)
Just got back into my quest for a working 5441 - I've given up on the
instrument with the 'howling CRT' and bad storage board; that one had the
fault where it would fade positive in NON-store mode !
Kept the bottom half and obtained a display section that had a different
storage board. This one has the Beam-finder on the PCB and a square
extension shaft.
Trouble was, I had to re-connect the delay line - what a PITA; those two
tiny wires and a sort of strain-relief bracket soldered to the interface
board. Took me three goes, with magnifier head-torch, then direct sunlight
and loupe, and using a pair of micro-surgery forceps to manoeuvre the
wires, whilst fighting the delay line itself with my third hand (!!) And
yes, I did check the polarity.
Why didn't Tek use a connector of some kind ? Would that have caused
reflections along the delay line ? Anyway, now to put it all back
together. Phew


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