Re: New member - Hi everyone!


Dear David, welcome to the best TEK forum, our moderator Dennis Tilmann is a super TEK man, and many members are EX TEK or have decades of experience. Chuck Harris is especially skilled at troubleshooting and advise for hard problems.

Memories... first TEK scopes, 1968, were 500 series huge tube scopes and the first small portable just coming, 453/454. Used for designing real time spectrum analyzers.
In 1975, 465, 465B and 475, classics in their day.

By 19701 I started TEK TM500 instruments.

For HV and SMPS, got HV probes like P6015 and current probes P6021, P6022, etc.

Finally the FET and diff probes and by 1990s the Zo probes with GHz BW.

Nowadays lab mainframes are 7104 and 7904, with ~100 plugins, also spectrum analyzers 7L5 and 7L12 in 7903 large screen MF.

The 2465 was the last CRT scope from TEK before the digital, had 2465, 2465A, and now 2465B, 2467B.

Most are still running fine and a pleasure to work on and to use.

Just the ramblings of an old retired EE!


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