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Welcome to the asylum ... I mean party!

You can get full documentation (as PDFs) on most Tek scopes at either TekWiki ( or at the Boat Anchor Manual Archive (

Here is the TekWiki page for the 465:
and the same at BAMA:

Careful, the TekWiki site, especially, is rocket fuel for the condition. I started out with two scopes that belonged to my father (a 475 and a 2213), that work more than well enough for my purposes (and could be made to work perfectly with the proper application of time, skill, and money). I now have half a dozen scopes, half of which are parts scopes for the 475, and two of which (a 475A and a 2215A) are completely new models that I lusted for after reading about them on TekWiki (and there is another that I am planning to buy, if I can just find a nice specimen at a reasonable price).

-- Jeff Dutky

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