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Paul Amaranth

On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 02:28:42AM +0000, Dave Peterson via wrote:
I've already purchased a "parts" scope, but it's in such great physical condition that I can tell it's likely to become my real shop scope. I'm already deep into tearing it down. I has a bad B-delay time/div switch cam (already ordered NOS on eBay), a bad HV oscillator filter cap (C1419), and perhaps more. All very fixable. I'm documenting the tear down as much as I can. I haven't found any detailed instructions online so far, so I'm thinking I might write a "how to"? We'll see. I'll be glad to share if 'yall think it's a worthwhile endeavor.
Welcome to the rabbit hole :-) That's how it starts ...

I have a lot of scopes but the 465 is one of my favorites. Once upon a time I only had one scope ...


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