New member - Hi everyone!

Dave Peterson

Hello all,
I just joined yesterday after looking for a good forum group to connect with regarding my rekindled interest in Tektronix oscilloscopes.
My history with these scopes goes back to my Army days in the 80's. Since then I went on to get an engineering degree and have only gotten to get my hands on lab equipment on odd occasions while my "real" work consisted of sitting in front of computer screens fiddling with CAD tools. I can't say that was ever my first passion.
Currently, my first interest is the old 465 scope I used in the Army. There's just a personal synchronicity between their place in time, quality of design and construction, and gestalt that resonates with me. It's a thing that's stayed with me since I went back to school - that "real" engineering that harkens back to those "steely eyed missile men" of the 60's - the over the top thoroughness and precision I used to experience in the equipment I worked on in the Army. The 465 manual (my recent acquisition included one) is a great example. It just doesn't exist in the hurry up rush to market the tech industry has become.
Pardon my rose colored goggles.
After many years of wishing and looking hopefully at eBay I found and purchased a good deal on a working scope. I immediately fired it up and was right back in "the van" (see profile pic). Suddenly my garage bench is being turned into a electronics workstation. Just like I've always wanted.
Which brings me back to here: Now that I understand what's going on inside these things, and there are so many "parts" scopes out there, I find myself wanting to fixing them. As great as the manual is, there's just no substitute for the massive amount of knowledge out there. And that goes beyond particulars of 465 operation and repair. For example, where do I find parts!? So far I've been lucky, but I can tell some things are going to be hard to find.
I've already purchased a "parts" scope, but it's in such great physical condition that I can tell it's likely to become my real shop scope. I'm already deep into tearing it down. I has a bad B-delay time/div switch cam (already ordered NOS on eBay), a bad HV oscillator filter cap (C1419), and perhaps more. All very fixable. I'm documenting the tear down as much as I can. I haven't found any detailed instructions online so far, so I'm thinking I might write a "how to"? We'll see. I'll be glad to share if 'yall think it's a worthwhile endeavor.
In any case, I wanted to take the opportunity to say "Hi!". And Dennis suggested I introduce myself. Thanks for approving me Dennis! He also suggested I ask that 'yall fill out your bios. Please do check in on mine - a little more back-story in there. As Dennis says, he's just as guilty not having his filled out, but he noted that my having one helped him out. As he noted, this forum is full of fascinating individuals, and your backgrounds are so full of valuable experience that it's a shame to not share your wealth of knowledge with newbies like myself. I'm sure I'm just as much a quiet low key personality as the rest of 'ya. But I crack up when I look at the member directory. A bunch of pictures of myself looking back at me. I'd love to be able to peruse the bios and get to know you all.
I've blabbered on enough. Have a great evening, and I look forward to sharing and talking with you down the road.

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