Re: Multi-section electrolytic capacitors from Hayseed

Ed Breya

I think people have been searching for new empty capacitor cans and base parts for a long time. I've never seen any reports of finding these things, although you know somebody must make them still, to supply cap manufacturers (unless they make their own in-house). Metalworking outfits that do Al drawing and tubing would likely be the suppliers, but only in OEM high volume contract situations - I doubt that you'll find retail small quantities.

Most people just rebuild from the old parts, using various well known techniques. I myself am of the un-crimp - re-crimp school of thought, and have had great success many times. A carefully done crimp method can work nicely about twice - once the first time, leaving the cap looking nearly original, and a second time if necessary again, but with uglier results as the crimp edge material degrades. Beyond that, it still works, but likely needs adhesives, and gets uglier yet.

I save any twist-locks and shot computer grade ones I happen to find, and keep them as-is, or gut them when convenient, and save all the husks and base parts for possible use. These are for maintenance only - I would never use a twist-lock for a new application, but I would use certain big old computer grade types, since I have a lot of still good ones.


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