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I have opened and rebuilt hundreds of can condensers over the years-all old ones. They all used one winding of paper and aluminum foil, like a jelly roll. The common electrode extends the length of the entire winding, the sections are seperate segments that are laid out then rolled up together. It is quite possible the new condensers do use individual off the shelf condensers in the can, or maybe individual rolls for each section. With regards to failure of one section, if the failure is loss of capacitance and the internal resisitance rising, then the entire can is likely to fail. If one section has suffered catastrophic failure, and the others test good, chances are an individual condenser can be added to the equipment to take the place of the failed section and it will be a satisfying and lasting repair. When doing this, be sure to disconnect the failed section from the circuitry, often inconvenient because the terminals on can condensers are usually used as tie points for many connections.

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

off the shelf condensers inside the cans, or individual rolls.

On 11/21/20 1:40 PM, Richard Knoppow wrote:
I think you will find that multiple capacitors are actually separate caps in the same can. Since the elements were made at the same time and have the same history its very likely that if one fails the others will fail soon. Better to replace the whole thing.
I don't know if tom sells components but you can ask him.

On 11/21/2020 9:50 AM, Dave Daniel wrote:
Contact Hayseed Hamfest and ask them from where they buy their cans, I have found them to be very supportive of off-the-wall questions,


On 11/21/2020 12:40 PM, greenboxmaven via wrote:
I would like to find a source for empty condenser cans and bases so you could buy them and assemple your own condensers. The versitility to make what you need and repalce only the failed sections would be very welcome. I have never especially liked the idea of one big condenser winding being devided into portions. I have had too many problems of leakage or signals crossing from one section to another ( like the AGC portion in a Hammarlund HQ-180), plus the need to change the entire thing when one section fails. I can understand the convenience to a manufacturer, but the problems to the equipment owner are not welcome. Meanwhile, I will cut the cans in two, emply them, put in new condensers and put a shrink tube cover over them to hold everything together. To answer you question, I have a couple big hifi amplifiers that use multi section condensers. The replacements are NOT Hayseed brand, but another well known maker, and all of them have failed at less than five years of age. What have other people experienced with contemporary can condenser makers?

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 11/21/20 9:21 AM, Dave Daniel wrote:
I've purchased from Hayseed Hamfest multiple times. My purchases have been for Heathkit gear.

I don't know if there are many Tektronix instruments that use multi-section caps. But for Heathkit replacements, Hayseed Hamfest has been invaluable.


On 11/21/2020 5:01 AM, John Shadbolt wrote:

Are there many Tek units that use multi-section electrolytic capacitors? I came across this company that have a range of new caps available and can make custom orders, I've not used them but would welcome any feedback:


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