Re: 465M Wave Forms


Thank you for the clarification Dave. The markings on the different BNCs on the back of the 465M is very clear and descriptive (matching the labeling used in the Wave Form section of the manual). I must ask just to be completely clear; When you refer to the "A EXT Trigger" of the 460A, in your answer, are you referring to the single BNC on the back of the 460A labeled "Aux Trigger/Ext Clock +6V. I ask because scope use is not a norm for me and I don't want to damage either scope by a wrong hook up. Also, do or should I have an attenuator or such in the cable hook up to protect either scope?
Finally, what is the intent of the 50 Ohm cable between the 465M and the 460A (Between the scope under test and the test scope.)? If you have the probe on channel 1 of the test scope and are probing the scope under test, what is the 50 Ohm cable doing for you? I don't question the instruction I just am trying to understand why the set up is this way. Harrison N1FAM

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