[Tek2440] Java GUI feedback requested. #photo-notice

Jan de Jongh

Dear Tekkers,

Over the past two months or so, I've been working on a [Java] GUI for my Tek2440 accessed through a ProLogix GPIB-ETH . Since I still do not know all the Tek2440's features that well, I'm asking this group for feedback on the GUI I constructed so far. A screenshot is in Photos (don't know how to embed/refer; tips WELCOME!). In the figure, all gray rectangles pop up a dialog for controlling the particular group settings.

Main questions are:
- Should specific functions/settings now embedded in dialogs be available in the main application window?
- Should functions be moved into dialogs?

Needless to say, I cannot make all settings available on 900p/1080p, sp I have to make choices...

Thanks for your response; FYI, the code is on https://github.com/jandejongh/jinstrument although I'm planning on forking a Tek2440 specific project.

jan - pa3gyf.

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