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These are a small fraction of the total number of Application Notes that were available from Tek. I accumulated this list because they have something to do with the 7000 Series of Scopes. This list was assembled from many different sources because they were of interest to me.
Dennis Tillman W7pF

Is the content accessible anywhere?


22W-11230-4 Telephone Access Network Measurements
25M1.0 TDR for Cable Testing
26W-7071 EMI Applications Using the Tektronix 2712 Spectrum Analyzer
35J1.0 Jitter-Free Oscilloscope Displays of Disc File Data
42AX-2686-1 Measuring Memory Core I/O Signals with Digital Accuracy
42AX-2774-1 Why Use Display-by-Events in Your Measurement Applications?
42AX-3085 Using Storage to Find Troublesome Logic Glitches
42AX-3198 Variable Persistence Storage Applications
42AX-3199 Bistable Storage Applications
42AX-3200 Fast and Multimode Storage Applications
42AX-3379-1 Pulse and Digital Timing Measurements - A Better Technique
42AX-3957 X-Y Displays with Interval Timing for Measuring SOA
42AX-4194 World's Fastest Oscilloscope Breaks the 1GHz Barrier (article)
42AX-4682 Introduction to 7854 Oscilloscope Measurements and Programming Techniques
42W-2659-3 Accurate Radar Pulse Measurements Using Digital Delay
42W-2680-3 Measuring Time Interval Between Non-Adjacent Digital Word Pulses
42W-2687-2 Measuring Disc Drive Access Time and Access Voltages
42W-3632-2 DAC Measurements: The Sampling Oscilloscope Approach
42W-3681-1 Pulse-Echo Measurements with Digital Accuracy
42W-4281-1 Measurement Variety. An Engineering Challenge Featuring the 7854
42W-4416-1 Using the 7854 in a GPIB Configuration
42W-4935 Extending Waveform Measurement Capability with Special Purpose Plug-ins
42W-5017-1 Increased Measurement Accuracy Using a 7D15 Universal Counter/Timer in any 7000 Series Oscilloscope
42W-5079-1 7D20 Programmable Digitizer: Digitizing Performance and Versatility in a Powerful Plug-in
42W-5085 The 7D20 Programmable Digitizer: Performing a Wide Range of Measurement Tasks Easier, Faster, and More Accurately
42W-5195 Sampling for High Speed Measurements
42W-5311 Human Pattern Recognition Speeds Automated Testing (article)
42W-5314 Microchannel-plate CRT Added to Oscilloscope Speeds Fault Finding (article)
42W-5315 Storage Scopes: A Variety of Techniques and Capabilities (article)
42W-5325 Measurement Techniques with Differential Amplifiers
42W-5334-1 Automated TDR Testing Made Easy with the 7854 Oscilloscope / 7S12 Sampler Plug-in
42W-5335-1 Applying Photographic Writing Rate to High Speed Signal Measurements
42W-5588 Advanced Triggering Techniques
42W-5629 Viewing Low Amplitude Pulses
42W-5630 Displaying Bus Contention
42W-5645 Using Analog Sampling and Digital Storage to Improve ECL Testing (article)
42W-5646-1 Use a Personal Computer and DFT to Extract Data from Noisy Signals (article)
42W-5700 Power Supply / Device Testing
42W-5802 Basic Software Programs for Communicating between the 7854 and IBM PC
42W-5903 Logic-Triggered Amplifier Upgrades Oscilloscopes for Digital Troubleshooting (article)
42W-5918 The Evolution of Oscilloscopes: Faster Than Any Other Type of Test Equipment (article)
42W-5926 7854 Programming Primer
42W-5947 Storage Scopes Solve Tough Signal Capture Problems (article)
42W-5968 7854 Measurement Primer
42W-5969 Sampling Primer
44L1.0 The Boxcar Integrator
45W-5280 7D20 Instrument Interfacing Guide
52AX-3221 7844-400MHz/5444-60MHz - Low Repetition-Rate pulse Pairs and the Dual Beam Oscilloscope
61AX-4803 Performance Analysis
61AX-4804 The Family Emulator
61AX-4806 Interrupt Analysis
61AX-4807 Memory Allocation
99AX-4607 Tektronix Codes and Formats for GPIB Instruments
A-2495 Measuring Distortions in the Television Signal
A-2496, TV Products App Note #4 Remote TV Transmitter Monitoring with tektronix Television Equipment
A-2509, TV Products App Note #7 Picture Monitor Color Temperature Adjustment Using the Tektronix J16
A-2588 7000 Series Oscilloscope Systems (catalog), October 1972
A-2618 3 New Probes and LED Adapter
A-2661, TV Products App Note #5 Measuring Chrominance-To-Luminance Gain and Delay
A-2663-1, TV Products App Note #6 Monitoring and Interpreting the Vertical Interval Reference Signal
A-2719, TV Products App Note #8 Using the Vertical Interval Reference Signal
A-2772 TM 500 Series Application Notes #2. FG 501 Swept Frequency Applications
A-2786, TV Products App Note #8A TV Transmitter Precorrection with the Tektronix 1440
A2912 Practical Lighting Measurements with the Tektronix J16
A-2926 Picture Monitor Color Temperature Adjustment Using the Tektronix J16
A-2935 Rapid Scanning Spectrometer Sales Guide (Company Confidential)
A-3107 The Tektronix Cookbook of Standard Audio Tests
A-3107 The Tektronix CookBook of Standard Audio Tests
A-3183 TM 500 Modular Test and Measurement Instruments (catalog)
A-3186 Suggested TM 500 Power Supply Circuits
A-3263 16 Channel Logic Analyzer
A-3269 Easier, Faster, More Accurate Oscilloscope Timing Measurements
A-3341 Tektronix Logic Analyzers (for the Digital Domain) (Color Glossy Brochure)
A-3357-3 7D01 Data Sheet
AN-3266 AM Broadcast Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer
AX-2930, TV Products App Note #10 Chrominance to Luminance Gain Correction and Delay Measurements
AX-2932, 47N1.0 R7912 Transient Digitizer… A Solution to Pulse Laser Measurement Problems
AX-2933-1 Sideband Analysis for TV
AX-2936, 45A1.0 Mechanical Measurements Using the DPO
AX-2937, 45A1.1 Engine Performance Measurements
AX-2983 Pulsed Laser Measurements Using the R7912 Transient Digitizer
AX-3074, 30U1.1 Measurement of Color Coordinates with the Tek 7J20 Rapid-Scan Spectrometer System
AX-3145, 52G1.2 Troubleshooting a Logic Circuit
AX-3170, 60M1.0 X-Ray Tube Current Measurements
AX-3187, 45F1.0 DPO Program Library Techniques
AX-3217, 75M1.0 Generating Complex Waveforms with TM 500 Instruments
AX-3218, 75M2.0 Integration Through V to F Conversion
AX-3259-1 Noise Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer, Part 2: Impulse Noise
AX-3260 Noise Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer, Part 1: Random Noise
AX-3266 AM Broadcast Measurements using the Spectrum Analyzer
AX-3281 The Tracking Generator/Spectrum Analyzer System
AX-3323 Television Operational Measurements; Video and RF for NTSC Systems
AX-3336, 47L.0 Windowing to Control FFT Leakage
AX-3349, 41G1.0 Using Delayed Sweep in Measuring Digital Word Trains
AX-3388, TV Products App Note #23 Multiburst Testing with the 1470
AX-3406 EMI Applications Using the Spectrum Analyzer
AX-3428, TV Products App Note #24 A Simple Color Background Generator
AX-3433 Baseband Measurements using the Spectrum Analyzer
AX-3492 Analyzing A/D Activity Through Mapping
AX-3524, 57K1.0 Troubleshooting a Microprocessor
AX-3535 Crystal Device Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer
AX-3582-1 FM Broadcast Measurements Using the Spectrum Analyzer
AX-3632, 42K1.0 DAC Measurements: The Sampling Oscilloscope Approach
AX-3682 The Spectrum Analyzer as a Frequency Selective Level Meter
AX-3810 Automating Swept RF Measurements
AX-3814 7D01 Logic Analyzer Laboratory Workbook
AX-3816 Tektronix Logic Analyzers Features Description and Glossary
AX-3903 Keeping Pace with Changing Needs in Optical Fiber Evaluation
AX-3999 Isolating Problems on GPIB
AX-4000 Detecting Data glitches Through Latching
AX-4006-1 An Introduction to Time and Frequency Domain Modulation and Waveform Analysis
AX-4012 Troubleshooting in the Synchronous & Asynchronous Modes
AX-4070 Simultaneous Display of Digital and Analog Test Data
AX-4098 Displaying I/O Address Activity Through Clock Qualification
AX-4117 Probing a CMOS Microcomputer Emulator
AX-4401 Capture Fast Waveforms Accurately with a 2-Channel Programmable Digitizer
AX-4416 GPIB Communication with the 7854
C. W. Rhodes, 1972 The 12.5T Modulated Sine-Squared pulse for NTSC (IEEE Trans. On Broadcasting Vol BC-18, #1, Mar. 1972)
C. W. Rhodes, 1972 Measuring Distortions in the television Signal
C. W. Rhodes, 1972 Test Signals and their Monitoring for Remote Control of Television Transmitters
Digital Family # 8 Logic Analysis Using Delay by Events Count
Internal Tek Application Note Application Note to Integrate the Area Under a Curve
TV Products App Note #1 Using the Tektronix 140, 144, or 146 as a VIT Signal Source
TV Products App Note #2 Measuring Luminance Cross Modulation with the Tektronix Types 140, 144, and 146
TV Products App Note #3 In-Service Random Noise Measurements Using the Tektronix 147
HANDSHAKE Application Library Catalog
The Logic Analyzer (Mini-Micro Systems, Sept. 1977)
What to Look for in Logic Timing Analyzers (magazine reprint)
Crack tough System problems With a Dual-Timebase Analyzer (EDN, Apr 28, 1983)
State Analyzers Move from Lab to Production Area (Electronic Design, May 13, 1982)
Clock Trigger Versatility Bolsters Logic Analysis (Electronic Design, Sept. 2, 1982)
Rapid Color Measurement (R/D magazine Nov. 1974
Rapid Scanning Spectrometry (American Laboratory, Nov. 1972)
Quality Control of the Color TV Signal (BM/E, Dec. 1969)
Get to Know Op Amps; Use a Curve Tracer (IEEE Spectrum, Vol 11, #9, Sept. 1978)
The Evolution of Scopes: Faster Than Any Other Type Of Test Equipment
Using the AA 501 and the SG 505 in Common Audio-Frequency Measurements
X-3585 Spectrum Analyzers / Swept Frequency Systems
Pulsed RF Spectrum Analysis
2EW-8190-0 The spectral connection.... Television RF measurements with the spectrum analyzer
063-0566-00 Television Measurements NTSC Systems
2EW-8380-0 Spectrum Analyzer Fundamentals

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For several decades, Tektronix has released these "Technical Briefs:" a.k.a. Technical Documents, Application Notes, and possibly other names.
Is there a single point(s) of curation for them?

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