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good morning to the whole group

I have a tds754a upgraded to tds784a by configuring the resistors and removing the capacitors in the acquisition card

the acquisition card is 671-3953-00
the microp board is 679-3488-00
the serial is b010976
the memory board is 1M

all electrolytic capacitors have been replaced and the oscilloscope works perfectly
the ds1486 was replaced with a working battery
It was originally mounted a DS1650y that has been replaced with a DS1250y-100 with a working battery

when I connect the tek FAS software with gpib and start the first calibration phases
in the error log I get some truncated warning messages:

"WARNING: 600 remote nv memory a ...."

the calibration then proceeds smoothly (but I haven't finished it yet)
what does this warning message mean and what can be the cause?
thanks to everyone who can be of help

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