Re: 7L5 Res shaft encoder

Dan G

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 05:25 PM, Nenad Filipovic wrote:

Today I attempted disassembly of my Resolution/Freq. Span knob and got halfway
there, photos (album name "7L5 Knob Repair Attempt"):,,,20,1,0,0
Hi Nenad,

Your photos encouraged me to attempt to disassemble my own res/freq knob assembly.
I was hoping to be able to tell you whether my L-shaped insert also appears glued, but
interestingly, I could not even get that far. The best I could do was to remove the black
plastic resolution knob/ring.

My 7L5 s/n is >B090000, and therefore has the 263-0064-00 encoder. In this version,
the hollow cylindrical centre of the (die cast?) metal base seems to extend all the way
through the frequency span knob as a single piece, rather than being made up of
two fluted interlocking parts. Hence, the resolution and frequency span sections do
not come apart when the resolution knob/ring is removed.

Peering down the length of this cylindrical opening toward the underside of the
frequency span knob, I believe I see the bottom of a machine screw, but I cannot be

It would appear that different disassembly procedures are needed for
260-1693-0x and 263-0064-00 encoders. I don't think that I will attempt any further
disassembly, for fear of damaging or marring a perfectly working pristine unit.

Perhaps someone with an older 260-1693-0x assembly (and more courage) will be
able to make further progress.

Good luck,

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