Delayed Timebase on a Tek 2215A


I purchased a cheap 2215A so that I could have a scope that had the delayed timebase ALT display function (where you get to see your A timebase waveform with the B timebase segment intensified, as well as showing the intensified portion of the waveform "zoomed in" to fill the width of the display). I already have a 475 and 2213, and I was hoping that the ALT display would allow me to scroll smoothly over the waveform the way I can with the 2213, but it seems to only allow jumping between one trigger point and the next, which isn't very interesting, at least not with a simple repeating waveform like the calibration signal.

Am I misunderstanding how the delayed timebase is supposed to work, or is there a way to get the 2215A to allow a smooth scroll over the waveform like the 2213?

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