Re: Replacing cable on P6075A probe


Daveolla wrote:

And then is the "Connector Replacement" next with step 1 as "Remove the snap- fit cover on the compensation box."
They dont tell you how to do that though. Perhaps the plastic has stiffened somewhat suggesting you need a good
pry from a screwdriver. Perhaps a blade edge of knife gently if a finger nail wont budge it. It can also be stuck and
needs to be cracked loose. If you nick or dint then you gotta fix that somehow........or I do. Leave no marks is the goal.
The probe and scope belonged to my father, he was the one who discovered that the probe was bad, I have merely verified the fact. He opened the compensation box himself, so I have no trouble getting it open now. I'm not sure what my father had to do to open the box, but I have used a nylon "spudger" to open it in order to minimize marring the surfaces.

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