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Stephen Hanselman

If it’s a three battery pack in our area we go to batteries+ and pick up a three cell portable phone battery. Then solder the leads to existing wires and use double sided sticky tape. Works fine.


Stephen Hanselman
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Speaking of NiCads in HP gear, I just closed up my 8350B sweep oscillator after replacing a slightly melted power inlet and the suspect Rifa cap soldered to it. I remembered somebody on the HPAK group mentioning NiCads in that very model, so I poked around and found them against the wall of the plug-in compartment with a pop-off lid. Pretty easy to check, certainly a lot easier than soldering and unsoldering 12 wires connecting to the power inlet with no service loop to speak of!
No leaks in my NiCads, but the voltage read really low. Still keeps its front panel settings, even when disconnecting the AC power cable. I'll write up the full repair on

And a couple years ago I designed a breakout box at work. It needed 2 AA batteries inside for powering a keep-alive interface. So I put 2 tip jacks on the box so that the keep-alive battery voltage could be measured with DMM probes without opening the box, which was secured with 4 screws. Well, the guys using the box gave me crap about using tip jacks instead of banana jacks so they could hook up a bench power supply. Well, you could always remove the tip jacks and replace them with banana jacks, after drilling the holes out a bit, I told them. You could do the same on your instrument, if you don't mind the aesthetics.

Jim Ford

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I fully agree with your comments that the battery leakage problem should have been anticipated by the design engineers.

Not only should they have put warning labels on the equipment they should have also provided an easy way to check the battery voltage. I check the batteries in my equipment on an annual basis but this usually involves considerable effort removing covers to get access. It would be so much easier if the design engineers had the forethought to provide easily accessible battery test points on the rear panel, or better still, provided a function whereby the battery status could be indicated from the front panel.

While you are complaining to Tek about their poor design decisions perhaps you could also complain to HP. In my opinion they were far worse with the widespread use of leaky NiCd batteries in their equipment.

Stephen Bell

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