Re: Replacing cable on P6075A probe

Brent W8XG

No, I did not do a YouTube video. But I've seen one out there. I didn't have a replacement cable or other parts. I cut my cable off at both ends as close as I could to the strain-relief parts, then tested the cable. It tested good, so I knew I'd cut out somewhere the break. I used the typical wire strippers to remove the insulation. I was very slow and methodical. But I was surprised at how fine that wire was. Then I had to clean out both strain relief's, with a Dremel. Once cleaned out, I pried them open just a little, to be able to slip the cable in and then crimp.

So my cable is now a little shorter. The 250 ohm's is likely about right given the size of the wire, but I didn't measure it. So my cable might be 200 ohm's now. But with the 9k resistor in there to make it a 10x probe, I doubt it matters much.

I don't know what the grommet is for. Maybe it's to slip over the cable and then crimp to become strain relief??


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